Cmobilecom AF
  • Java full-stack client/server application framework.
  • Build cloud native containerized applications.
  • Support multitenancy with flexible module assembly.
  • Platform-independent API with logical view.
  • Logical view client bindings.
  • Improve productivity without writing facelet pages for web.
  • High level test automation API.
  • Build/test/run on host or with docker.
  • Latest version: 5.18.
  • Developer Guide, JavaDoc, Editions, Download
  • Download examples and run test automation on docker Selenium Grid.
Cmobilecom JPA
  • JPA standard implementation.
  • Support JPA-managed (or app-managed) multitenancy.
  • Support Java SE/EE and Android.
  • Support mysql, oracle, sql server and sqlite.
  • JPA extensions.
  • Minimal runtime bytecode (600K).
    • EclipseLink/Hibernate: >8M.
  • Latest version: 2.2.1 (2.x implements JPA Spec 2.2).
  • Developer Guide
  • Download examples for Android and Java SE/EE.
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