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Cmobilecom AF 5.12

Package Description
Persistence entity base types, type mapping, instance factory, form design and types that are common to applications.
Entity annotations for unique key validation.
Support entity user-defined properties called attributes.
Business Parameters, Month Close.
Form and response.
Entity property I18N.
Entity persistence related types such as IdRule, OR mapping, import/export support, and utility.
Reporting related types
User, role, permission and their relationships.
License, subsystem, parameters and system logging.
Model factory, instance cache.
Property annotations for entity, entity list and query view.
Backing beans for entity user defined properties (called entity attributes).
Backing beans for entity persistence, query, presentation and user interactions using property annotations and ajax behaviors.
ClientBehaviorHolder that supports both Ajax and DOM events.
Business entity backing beans.
CategoryAccessor builds and accesses hierarchical category XML documents.
Chart model.
ContainerBean, page content, regions, container menu, typed and shortcut menu node factory.
Backing bean context, action and render context.
DialogBean, dialog event and listener, and action tracker.
Entity export and import in XML, import entities from system or external sources.
Form backing bean, form xml encoder and decoder.
Form design descriptor and backing bean for users to manage form designs for custom layout of EntityBackingBean.
Large objects, file upload, attachments.
Send mail thread, queued email objects.
Menu comprises hierarchical menu nodes, menu node factory, type descriptors for creating typed menu nodes, action handler, menu styles.
Module interface, InstanceType comprising hierarchical module nodes, module MenuNodeFactory and resource bundles.
Module events that can be broadcast to modules in an InstanceType.
Entity data source, navigation from entity list to entity, step flow, bean flow navigation.
Entity list pagination, paginator menu, page load listener.
PhaseListener, Transaction and transaction listeners.
Batch print query form, batch print handler to build query criteria to retrieve entities and show them in print friendly.
Entity property with built-in validation and conversion, render style, entity property factory.
Query builder that builds query criteria from query form bean.
Reporting with charts and tabular list supporting multiple report data, grouping and various display formats.
Login bean, user authentication to a system or subsystem, redirect URL or action after login.
Access control, entity quota, system configuration of modules and subsystems.
Utilities includes common bean utility, download helper, excel export, object XML serializer, entity id generator, request parameter wrapper.
UI view configuration for panel, tab, tree, accordion.
Persistence entity manager, query descriptor, query criteria, sql native criterion/projection, and default implementations.
DetachedCriteria, CriteriaElement class hierarchy, factory, and static methods to create CriteriaElement(s).
Platform independent API for UI test automation simulating user interaction with applications.
Utilities including zip, XML, file, string, collection, reflection, progress, command execution.
Database descriptors of parameters and dialects to provide database transparency using DbExec API.
Mathematical and boolean expression parser and evaluation supporting functions and variable resolvers.
Walker, visitor and resolver for text with expressions.
Module interface for web, bean view encoder, module resources.
Widget builder.
URL rewriting rule, rewriting engine, and URL utility.
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Cmobilecom AF 5.12
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