Cmobilecom AF theme supports JQuery UI and JQuery mobile ThemeRoller. Download themes and drop them into resources folder.

Build and Download

Download pre-built themes from gallery or build your own themes using jquery theme roller.

A mobile theme can contain 26 swatches named a to z.


Extract downloaded theme zip and copy files into resources directory.

Desktop theme root directory:

Mobile theme root directory:
If the theme root directories do not exist, create them.

A theme is a folder under which there are theme.css and images sub-directory.

If the theme css file name is not theme.css, for example, jquery-ui.theme.css or my-theme.css, rename it to theme.css. If there is a minimized version, use the minimized version instead for better performance.

For example, to install a desktop theme named sunny, create the sunny folder under the theme root directory.

To install a mobile theme named my-theme, create the my-theme folder under the theme root directory, and copy theme.css and images sub-directory.


Go to manage center, under system module.
	System -> Settings -> Parameters
Set theme(desktop) and mobile theme in Parameters. For mobile, swatches can be specified for page and layout units(north, west, center, east, south). Make sure the swatches are defined in the selected theme. The default theme contains swatches a and b only. For example, a,b,c,d,e,f:
Page/Layout Unit     Swatch
Page                  a
North                 b
West                  c
Center                d
East                  e
South                 f
An instance(system or subsystem) can configure its own themes and swatches.