Cmobilecom AF is a full-stack application framework for developing Java applications by maximizing code reuse among different platforms. It is a MVC(Model/View/Controller) framework. The application logic code including model, logical view and controller is the same for all platforms and needs to be written only once. Only the bindings of logical view to physical views of target platforms are different.
Logical View Application Logic
Currently the web binding of logical view based on JSF technology is included in the framework.

Main Features

  1. Full-stack application framework.
  2. Platform-independent programming API.
  3. Developers focus on application logic.
  4. Module-based development.
  5. Model/Logical view/Controller.
  6. Persistence: JPA 2.2 standard based.
  7. Form query criteria builder.
  8. Entity graph navigation: search/view/create/edit/delete entities on graph.
  9. Built-in data conversion, server and client bean validations.
  10. Property annotations and custom view layout.
  11. Deployment options: client/server, cloud or standalone.
  12. Multitenancy: support instance types with flexible module assembly.
  13. Authentication and authorization.
  14. Entity, property and action access control.
  15. Reporting and charting.
  16. Platform-independent API for driving test automation simulating user interactions.
  17. Logical view web binding