Instance Configuration

For each instance(system or subsystem), there can be an configuration XML file conf/instance.xml under the instance's root directory [instance.home]. An instance root directory is
For system: [cmobilecom.home]/files/system
For subsystem: [cmobilecom.home]/files/subsystems/[username]/i[instanceId]
For example, conf/instance.xml under [instance.home]:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <include name="/*"/>
        <exclude name="/images/*"/>

Secure URL Redirect

If an url is secure but accessed by HTTP, it will be redirected using HTTPS protocol.

A pattern can be include or exclude. Match exclude patterns before include patterns. If any exclude pattern matches the url, the url is not secure and will not be redirected. If any include pattern matches the url, redirect to HTTPS with the same url and query string. Pattern formats:

	prefix: /pathPrefix/*
	suffix: *.suffix
	exact match: /path
URL patterns: without contextPath.

Take the conf/instance.xml above for instance.

will be redirected to
The default redirect port is 443 if not specified.

For secure redirect for all the instances of system and/or subsystems, set the secure.redirect and secure.redirect.port properties instead in system-config.xml. see System Config.