Embedded Objects - Overview

A web page is a HTML code, and objects can be embedded using

<object xmlns="http://www.cmobilecom.com/af/objects" 
	id="object1" type="objectType">
to achieve richful dynamic pages. Note that the namespace

is required to differentiate it from HTML standard object elements. The object element and its content must be well-formed XML document.

A module can create objects that are embeddable in a web page by implementing createEmbeddedObject(...) method:

	public BackingBean createEmbeddedObject(Component parentComponent, String objectType,
			Element objectElem, ContainerBean containerBean) throws SystemException;
An embeddable object is a backing bean such as EntityBackingBean, EntityListBackingBean or MenuBean, and it is interactive supporting ajax. The viewConfig element configures how the embedded object will be rendered and interacted with users, including properties, layout, render style, access control, ajax behavior, pagination and bookmarkable links. See View Config.

Each object has a id. If object id is not set, it will be the same as object type. If there are two objects of the same type in a page, their id(s) must be set and unique within the page.

Built-in embeddable objects are: login, entity, entities, menu, slideshow, inline text, textFile and FTP.